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     While they were hiking your taxes, Northam's Legislature gave Amazon $750 million in tax credit subsidies! Amazon responded to this generosity by censoring anti-lockdown writers, silencing President Trump, and slandering American patriots with their unregistered super-PAC, The Washington Post. Now they are paying to install the hateful ideology of Critical Race Theory in Arlington Public Schools.
     If Amazon wants to continue building their traffic-clogging HQ2 in Crystal City, they should first return what they took from the Virginia taxpayer and learn to respect Virginia values.

Protect Veterans

Image by sydney Rae

     Our troops gave everything to protect our liberties and keep our Commonwealth safe, and we owe them everything in return. From ensuring an efficient VA to preserving educational and job opportunities for those who served, it is the duty of every Virginia assemblyman to prioritize veterans’ rights. 

Defend the Second Amendment


     If there is one thing the wave of violence last summer showed, it is that Virginians need to have a right to defend themselves and their families. The Legislature should stand up to the Northam/McAuliffe attack on the Second Amendment. Virginia must become a Second Amendment Sanctuary, ensuring no state or local resources are wasted enforcing the Biden Administration’s anti-constitutional gun grabs.

Eliminate CRT From Schools


     Amazon has “donated” Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum to our local schools, teaching our children to hate their country and view the world through a bigoted, racialist lens. It is time to embrace our American exceptionalism and stand up to hate by banning this sickening ideology from public school classrooms.  

Provide School Choice

School Bus

     School choice is the civil rights issue of our time, as no child’s destiny should be determined by their zip code. Our education system should be tailored to the individual, and the Commonwealth must provide vouchers for any student who wishes to study at an alternative institution. 

Protect Life

Holding Tummy

     The abortion abolition movement has come to the Commonwealth. It is time for the Legislature to stop funding eugenics groups like Planned Parenthood, and instead invest in emergency contraception, crisis pregnancy centers, and prenatal care.


Image by CDC

     Around the country, schools have been able to safely reopen for a full week at full capacity. It is time to guarantee every Virginia student’s right to an in-person school experience by prohibiting any further shutdowns and partial closures.

Provide Tax Relief for All Families

Family Fishing

     Instead of providing corporate welfare to corrupt international cartels like Amazon, the Legislature should be working to provide tax relief for all Virginia families, individuals, and small businesses.

Ban Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Vax Passports

Senior with Mask

     The arbitrary, contradictory lockdowns, curfews, and covid regulations imposed by Gov. Northam’s self-serving bureaucrats have done nothing but harm working Virginians. It is time to let businesses decide when to open and what capacity to operate at. Individuals, not the government, have the right to choose whether to wear a mask or get a vaccine. The Legislature should prohibit mask mandates and vaccine passports and ensure that no politician can ever again lockdown our beautiful Commonwealth!     

End Censorship


     West Coast digital monopolies like Amazon deplatform and shadowban politicians and journalists, all while wielding powerful immunity shields granted by activist judges. At the same time, Virginia activist groups are silenced by the oppressive campaign spending and doxxing regulations imposed by the Commonwealth, none of which the Big Tech cartels have to follow. It is time to pass common carrier laws to end censorship and guarantee the First Amendment applies to all Americans! 

Restore Election Integrity

Election Day

     The 2020 election highlighted how out-of-hand voter fraud has become. In order to have legitimate elections, it is essential to install a photo ID requirement for every ballot, ban ballot harvesting, and stop the mass-mailing of ballots to people who did not request them. It is also imperative that we guarantee volunteer poll watchers a private right of action against each and every municipal bureaucrat that violates their right to witness ballot counting and transportation.    

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